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Impact. Learning. Community.

We are a team of curious, creative problem-solvers who love new and complex challenges. We are from all walks of like: strategists, designers, coaches, engineers, agile geeks, pedagogists, and other entrepreneurial minds – and everyone collaborates.​ Our secret sauce is empathy, positive attitude, sharing ideas and cherishing different ways of thinking to cultivate innovation and create high impact. ​

We foster an environment where​

  • working towards a common goal does not feel like work anymore​,

  • talent and skills matter over degree​,

  • people remember each others’ birthdays and stay after hours to solve one’s problem​,

  • you are surrounded by people who inspire and intellectually challenge you​,

  • failures and learnings are embraced and everyone accepts that we all are humans in progress​,

  • one can live out-of-the-box and ’trouble-makers’ are valued​.

We love our strange name:


an eclectic group of visionary people who assign themselves weird job titles, decorate walls with colourful pieces of paper while telling them what not to do in order to achieve their evil plan of enslaving leaders, making commoners transparent and accelerating the evolution of all organisms in waterfalls they infiltrate


Global experts we work with

Sárváry Miklós, Columbia,Harvard, INSEAD, Digital leadership, edUcate.Business, Innovation, Agile, Design Thinking

Miklos Sarvary

Senior McKinsey Trainer (External),

Professor at Columbia Business School, Digital Leadership program,
Former Dean of Executive education at INSEAD,

Professor at Harvard & Stanford Business Schools,

Founder of Big Data Analytics startup

Stuart Mitchell

Certified Scrum Trainer, presenter

Agile coach, Author

14 years using Scrum

100+ projects coached, 1000+ people trained in Scrum


The Team


Enikő Hegedüs

Cofounder & CEO,

agile transformation expert and innovation strategist, Former accenture, KPMG, Inceptech, Columbia Business School


Dániel Nőthig

Cofounder & CEO, Enterprise agile and digital transformation expert, former McKinsey, Columbia Business School MBA

Eszter Tory, educate, edUcate.Business, Innovation, Agile, Design Thinking

Eszter Tory


  Barbara Kordás

Agile transformation lead, Design Thinking and Agile trainer,

Former Milestone Institute, ELTE, Worthy2Note

Business Development Leader,

Senior Consultant & Trainer, Expertise in HR services and Management Consulting


Dorottya Cséve

Innovation consultant, Agile nd Design Thinking Coach, Former manager at KPMG Advisory, KPMG Auckland
Katalin Galambos edUcate.jfif

Miklós Vargyas

Katalin Galambos

Senior Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Leadership coach, PO mentor, Former ChemAxon

Certified coach, consultant & trainer, "Coach of the year 2013", 23 years of leadership coaching and consulting experience

Krisztina Gulyás

Senior Agile Coach and Agile software development expert,
Former Liligo.com, Walt Disney, Lexmark, Isobar, Invitel

Csaba Juhász, educate, edUcate.Business, Innovation, Agile, Design Thinking

Csaba Juhász

B2B Sales Expert. Operations lead.
Former General manager at Capstone Invest, wholesale expert at Vodafone, Coca Cola HBC

Csaba Schwarczinger

Agile Coach, Former Scrum Master at Lufthansa Systems, Former Product Owner at Sense/Net
fenyvesi dorottya.jpg

Dorottya Fenyvesi

Balázs Bézi

Innovation Consultant and coach,

Former product development expert (Exsurco Medical),

Senior Agile Coach, entrepreneur, Former Scrum Master at Balabit, EPAM

Zoltán Dósa

István Liska

Senior Agile Coach and Scrum Master, Software Engineer
Former Chemaxon, Unify
Senior Agile Coach,
Agile transformation expert, Certified Scrum Master,
_DSC8858 kicsi (1).jpg

Judit Ködöböcz

Certified Coach, team coach and Agile Transformation expert,
Former Scrum Master and project lead at EON

Ádám Birizdó

Digital product expert and consultant, Agile and Design Thinking Coach, 
Former McKinsey Digital Labs, GE, IncepTech

Graìbits Andraìs.jpg

András Grábits

Business Development Manager,

Former Corporate Banker,

Product Manager and Business Development Manager

at Budapest Bank


Ábrahám Livják


Zsolt Horváth

Agile Coach and Innovation Consultant, Intrapreneurship expert, Former Saint-Gobain, 
Lund University,
Senior Agile Coach, Agile transformation expert, Former Scrum Master and Product Development Leader at Ericsson

Péter Mészáros

Business Analyst and Agile Consultant,
Former HR Coordinator at BlackRock, GE, Tetra Pak
fruzsi weboldal.jpg

Fruzsina Nagy

Communication and Marketing manager, Social media manager, Former Digital account manager at Be Social
IMG_20210325_132548_HDR_2 (1).jpg

 Ágoston Hoffmann

Agile Transformation Consultant, Scrum Master and Agile trainer- former Management Consultant at Capco


Orsolya Fanni Németh

Kata Mórocz

Senior Agile Coach and Agile transfer expert, Certified Scrum Master, Former Agile beliver at NNG, Docler Holding, Artisjus
Soft skills trainer, Business Coach, Organization development consultant, Design thinking coach

Réka Oswald

Innovation Consultant, Entrepreneur, Design Thinking, Former Invendor Advisory Services, uSchool


  Márk Vargha

Office and people manager, Master of Law, Former Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Human Capacities

0 (1).jpg

Alejandro Duque

Education management expert
and consultant, communication coach, published author,
Prior experience from the Americas, Europe and Africa

Tamás Szabó

Safe 5.0 Certified Scrum Master, Agile Coach

Former Capture, Ateknea Solutions

Frivalszki Tamás (1).jpg

Tamás Frivalszki

Engagement Manager,

agile transformation consultant,

Certified Business coach


Péter Vaskó

Senior Agile Coach, Innovation Consultant, entrepreneur, former Product Manager at Emarsys

Board of Advisors

Miklós Sárváry, educate, edUcate.Business, Innovation, Agile, Design Thinking
Gergely Gacsal, educate, edUcate.Business, Innovation, Agile, Design Thinking

Miklos Sarvary

Gergely Gacsal

Columbia Business School,
Dean of Executive education at INSEAD, Professor at Harvard and Stanford business schools
Head of Retail BO operations at OTP Bank. Former Managing director at Addiko Bank (Austria), Associate Partner at McKinsey, Expertise in management consulting & executive education

Csaba Juhász

Country Manager at Glencore Agriculture Hungary for 22 ys, Prior experience incl. trade and production management
educate, edUcate.Business, Innovation, Agile, Design Thinking, Jáns Babos

János Babos

CEO of Process Solutions, Faculty at CEU, Supervisor board member at Joint Venture Association
Imre Hild,educate, edUcate.Business, Innovation, Agile, Design Thinking

Imre Hild

Serial entrepreneur, accelerator, Managing Partner at Global Traction, OTP Életjáradék CEO, US MBA holder
Eszter Szabó, educate, edUcate.Business, Innovation, Agile, Design Thinking

Eszter Szabó

15+ys executive experience at GE/government/boards, Founder of Women/Business/Angels, Angel investor
Mike Glover, educate, edUcate.Business, Innovation, Agile, Design Thinking

Mike Glover

33 ys in advising & building businesses, 20 ys as a partner with KPMG. Chartered Accountant at 21, restless striver for fair and effective leadership ever since

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