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Agile way of working

Agile services

What we can do for you


Organization-wide agile transformation

Agile affects every aspect of your company. Think in systems and consider the transformation end-to-end.We are driving the largest agile transformations in the CEE region and can bring in our experience of 10+ prior large-scale agile transformations. 

We can help with:

  • Agile transformation strategy

  • Organization & process design

  • Implementation planning and driving the transformation office

  • Change management

  • Agile coach academy & mentoring

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Agile training

Getting everyone at the company on the same platform before jumping into the midst of a transformation in inevitable. Hence, during our agile trainings, beyond the Scrum methodology basics, we cover the partner company's change story, specific large-scale model and pay special attention to the personal, human aspect of change by dedicate time to answer individual questions.

We usually recommend agile basics and role-specific trainings for leadership and all team members, but tailor them to team-specific needs and cases, with stunning learning experience brought to you by experienced agile coaches and trainers, and business leaders experienced in agile transformation.


Agile coaching

We know it from experience that your teams will be not ready to work in agile only by taking part in a couple of trainings. Instead, a lot of hands-on mentoring and coaching will be needed to get things going; to launch new agile teams, to boost effectiveness and productivity of the teams, to prepare Product Owners and the leadership for their roles, and to set up all processes and frameworks in the organization that are inevitable for agile operations in a corporation: e.g. clarification on new roles & responsibilities, performance evaluation system, career advancement logic, beyond budgeting system, OKRs and strategic overview. 

We have the largest agile coach team experienced in large-scale agile transformations in the CEE region.


Agile readiness & maturity assessment

Measure the progress of agile transformation and define concrete improvement steps with a comprehensive tool, applied already at large-scale agile corporations, with thousands of employees, continuously developed by edUcate agile experts.

  • Maturity aspect system tailored to the company-specific large-scale agile model

  • Covering all structural, human and technological aspects of "How to get from the Learning phase to "Being agile"?

  • Insights and tailored action plans on organization, tribe / release train and team levels

  • User-friendly query system

  • Visual dashboards to track progress and create tailored report

  • Available in English and Hungarian

If interested in working with us, please get in touch so we can better understand how we can serve you the best.

Preparing for challenges arising from the (partially) remote way of working

Trainings on tools supporting remote work 

  • Moving office tools to the online space – free webinar

Trainings for organizing work efficiently

  • Personal efficiency

  • Prioritizing techniques

  • Decision making, delegation matrix – training focusing on remote work

  • Handling stakeholders and negotiation techniques

  • Changing needs in project management skill set


Trainings for better cooperation of remote teams

  • Remote way of working: challenges and solutions 

  • Basics of effective communication 

  • Conflict guide and team dynamics

  • Nonviolent communication

  • Importance of feedback

  • Facilitation techniques – focusing on remote way of working

  • Self-reflection and awareness

  • Growth mindset 

Trainings on motivation and capability building –addressing leadership concerns

  • Personal drivers – How to strengthen the motivation of employees?

  • Coaching leadership style

  • Contextual leadership and team dynamics

  • Supporting skill development as a leader

  • Basics of coaching and mentoring

Our training modules

Preparing you for challenges in the following main categories

Preparing for challenges arising from the (partially) remote way of working

Preparing for a rapidly changing and complex environment and customer demands

Building agile competencies for an accelerating digital world

Online training

Preparing for a rapidly changing and complex environment and customer demands

Innovation by Design Thinking and using agile tools trainings

  • Design Thinking 

  • MVP in practice and the Lean startup

  • IT development basics

  • UX basics

  • DevOps basics

Strategy, creating vision and implementation trainings

  • Strategy and creating vision

  • Organizational management fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit 

  • Product vision, Vision board, Business model canvas

  • Business value and creating customer value

  • Agile leadership values

  • Adaptive portfolio and program management


Building agile competencies for an accelerating digital world

  • Understanding the Agile manifesto and the 12 key principles 

  • Developing agile competencies

  • User interview techniques 

  • Capturing dynamically changing customer needs with user stories – basics training

  • Writing and mapping user stories - advanced training

  • Agile tools – advanced training

  • Coaching basics for agile coaches


Hybrid way of working

Helping you adapt to remote work challenges to make the best out of online and office work

Going forward from the COVID remote era, companies have the choice to go back to the office normal, keep the fully remote way of working or find a strategic balance between the two.

Developing a hybrid setup (combination of remote and office work) is seemingly the road most companies will take on the medium-long term combining the benefits of both in-person and remote work while mitigating risks to maximise productivity.


In order to minimise risks and leverage the benefits of this hybrid setup, we offer services along the diagnostics, design and implementation phases, addressing root causes for lasting impact.

Remote work

Think you are all set for a hybrid setup?

You might want to look under the hood

Non-decisive meetings, productivity loss due to regular context switching, frequently arising conflicts and misunderstood priorities are all symptoms of multiple underlying causes. The impact of improperly chosen or insufficiently detailed practices, processes and tools becomes more apparent in a remote setup, requiring attention to minimise operational risks.

How we can help you



Remote readiness and maturity assessment

With our proprietary tool covering organisational characteristics in six dimensions, we scan your organisation for opportunities and threats in order to assess the required treatment.


By creating a heatmap of areas to address and recommending a development plan for each affected team / function, we prioritise where your attention and effort should be directed in order to reach your strategic goals.

The dimensions we assess in detail are:

  • Responsibilities & Processes & Structure 

  • Technology and tooling

  • Leadership

  • Culture 

  • Communication

  • Individual wellbeing


Organisational consulting

Supporting to develop a hybrid way of working

Depending on your strategic goals, your current organisational maturity and mode of operation (traditional or agile), the approach to change can vary significantly.


Whether focusing on one team / problem or transforming organisation-wide processes and mindset, we help you build the effective collaboration that is essential to defining and maintaining a well-functioning hybrid operation. We help you with the following activities:

  • Helping define organisational goals

  • Selecting teams or functions to include and matching them with fitting remote or hybrid ways of working

  • Defining the desired end state, development steps and implementation methods


Training and coaching

Developing efficient remote teams

Implementation is key for success towards a hybrid organisational way of working, which we support with multiple methods, for both individuals and teams.


For lasting impact, we provide introduction trainings, ongoing mentoring and coaching with long-tail support and hands-on facilitation - each of which are optional elements, but serve best in a well developed sequence. See details and reach out to us if you feel like you could benefit from them, starting today:



​Preparing participants for the successful return to the office and long-term adoption of remote elements based on the pillars of agile

Topics around the six main categories are discussed in detail (Communication, Processes and responsibilities, Culture, Leadership, Tooling and technology, Individual wellbeing)


Coaching and mentoring

Individual and team level coaching for both team members and leadership helps deal with specific problems and build lasting capabilities



​Our hands-on facilitation can provide best practices as learning examples or serve outcome focused purposes:

  • Conducting workshops to prepare decisions, clarify roles & responsibilities or plan effectively on medium-term

  • Introducing and supporting team ceremonies

  • Conducting efficient remote meeting

Resources for further inspiration


Remote Maturity Assessment

Is your organization ready to take advantage of hybrid or remote work and reduce risks?

Language: Hungarian


Hybrid and remote work structure

Inspiration for finding the optimal combination of office and remote work. Implementation opportunities, benefits and risks

Language: Hungarian

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Remote work survival guide

Inspiration for preparing your schedule, collaboration and mindset on an individual and team level

Language: Hungarian

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