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about edUcate

We create innovative products and build agile organizations.








About us

Our story

  • We specialize in innovation and agility, whether it be products, services, organizations or capabilities

  • edUcate was launched in 2016 in New York City and has continued to adapt ever since. We became market leaders in the CEE region in supporting adaptive organizational transformations by 2019

  • To meet the urgent needs of our clients during Covid, we launched, so together we can provide rapid responses to complex, volatile situations in CEE

  • To scale our impact, we partner with top universities, digital startups and leading management consultancies in order to stay up-to-date on global innovation and technology and deliver impactful solutions for our clients

Our story

Who we are

We are a team of curious, creative problem-solvers who love new and complex challenges. We are from all walks of like: strategists, designers, coaches, engineers, agile geeks, pedagogists, and other entrepreneurial minds – and everyone collaborates.​ Our secret sauce is empathy, positive attitude, sharing ideas and cherishing different ways of thinking to cultivate innovation and create high impact. ​

Who we are

What we believe

Innovation starts with people, not technology

Delivering the thing right means nothing without delivering the right thing. Starting from the needs of customers and not from technology is the core principle of human-centered design.

Agile makes innovation predictable

While innovation happens in a very non-linear way, it doesn't have to be a black box. Gather insights consequently, ideate and test systematically for predictable outcomes.

Agility is more about culture than ceremonies

Money & magic need to happen together

Establishing an Agile culture, mindset and attitude of teams is much  more important than enforcing the Scrum practices. 

Innovation is successful only when you solve a customer need while keeping in mind the business goals.

Organization agility works in a package 

You need the right tribe structures, enterprise agile governance, cross-functional teams, culture of collaboration and empowerment, and technology to make enterprise agile work.

We support the Agnostic Agile Oath


As experienced agile practitioners and as people responsible for agile change and transformation, we should recognise the importance of being agnostic with agility at any level. This means one size does not fit all, one framework is not the answer, and the ‘what’ and ‘how’ should be suited to customer context and to a wider strategic vision.

What we believe
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