About us

  • We are the agile capability building company driving the largest agile transformations of the CEE region: providing E2E agile transformation support, building great digital products and developing innovation capabilities in large organizations

  • edUcate was launched in 2016 in New York City by a McKinsey consultant with Columbia MBA and an innovation strategist with product development expertise

  • Although edUcate is relatively fresh, we have the largest experienced agile coach pool in the CEE region, with 100+ years of combined agile, innovation and leadership experience

  • We gained hands-on experience from various industries and in multiple scaled agile frameworks​

  • We constantly refine our approach with global top universities, digital startups and one of the world’s leading management consulting firms​

  • Senior program advisors design our capability building programs and can fly-in for high-priority sessions

  • Our primary focus is the CEE region and already serving Northern and Western Europe and North America as well

Board of Advisors

Imre Hild

Serial entrepreneur, accelerator, Managing Partner at Global Traction, OTP Életjáradék CEO, US MBA holder

Eszter Szabó

15+ys executive experience at GE/government/boards, Founder of Women/Business/Angels, Angel investor

Csaba Juhász

Country Manager at Glencore Agriculture Hungary for 22 ys, Prior experience incl. trade and production management

János Babos

CEO of Process Solutions, Faculty at CEU, Supervisor board member at Joint Venture Association

Mike Glover

33 ys in advising & building businesses, 20 ys as a partner with KPMG. Chartered Accountant at 21, restless striver for fair and effective leadership ever since

The Team

Miklos Sarvary

Columbia Business School,
Dean of Executive education at INSEAD, Professor at Harvard and Stanford business schools

Gergely Gacsal

Former Managing director at Addiko Bank (Vienna), Associate Partner at McKinsey, Expertise in management consulting & executive education

Enikő Hegedüs

Cofounder and CEO

Former accenture, KPMG, Inceptech, Columbia Business School, Innovation design NYC, Certified Scrum Master

Dániel Nőthig

Cofounder, Enterprise agile and digital transformation expert, former McKinsey, Columbia Business School MBA

Dorottya Cséve

Business development expert, Innovation consultant, Agile nd Design Thinking Coach, Former manager at KPMG Advisory, KPMG Auckland

Miklós Vargyas

Senior Agile Coach, Scrum Master, PO mentor, Agile experience of 10 years, Former ChemAxon

Katalin Galambos

Certified coach, consultant & trainer, "Coach of the year 2013", 23 years of leadership coaching and consulting experience

Krisztina Gulyás

Senior Agile Coach and Agile software development expert,
Former Liligo.com, Walt Disney, Lexmark, Isobar, Invitel

Tamás Nagy

Professional Scrum Master,

CFO & agile trainer,

Former CFO at EPS Global, GB Venture Capital, MOL, KPMG

Eszter Tory

Design Thinking and Agile trainer

Milestone Institute, ELTE, Worthy2Note

István Liska

Senior Agile Coach,
Agile transformation expert, Certified Scrum Master,

Judit Ködöböcz

Certified Coach, team coach and Agile Transformation expert,
Former Scrum Master and project lead at EON

Andrea Nara

Mentor, Senior Agile Coach, Agile transformation expert, PMP, Director of Program Management at Prezi,
Former Vodafone, Telenor, MOL

Dániel Csiszár

Agile Coach and Scrum Master, Agile transformation expert, Former Avon, Invitel

Richárd Tamaska

Senior Agile Coach and Agile transformation expert, Certified Scrum Master and Agile Coach, Former NNG

Gergely Kovács

Senior Venture Architect, Innovation and Agile consultant,
Former McKinsey New Ventures, Cofounder at Macrosim and Morse Ltd.

Ádám Birizdó

Digital product expert and consultant, Agile and Design Thinking Coach, 
Former McKinsey Digital Labs, GE, Inceptech

Ábrahám Livják

Agile Coach and Innovation Consultant, Intrapreneurship expert, Former Saint-Gobain, 
Lund University,

Balázs Bézi

Senior Agile Coach, entrepreneur, Former Scrum Master at Balabit, EPAM

Kata Mórocz

Soft skills trainer, Business Coach, Organization development consultant, Design thinking coach

Orsolya Fanni Németh

Senior Agile Coach and Agile transfer expert, Certified Scrum Master, Former Agile beliver at NNG, Docler Holding, Artisjus

Győző Kondás

Senior Agile Coach and Scrum Master, IT trasformation expert, Former epam, evosoft

Péter Kollár

Agile transformation expert and Agile Coach,
Former Senior Manager at Vodafone, BCG, Raiffeisen Bank

  Zsófia Misák

Business development and Marketing expert, Innovation event manager, Former KPMG

Péter Mészáros

Business Analyst and Agile Consultant,
Former HR Coordinator at BlackRock, GE, Tetra Pak

  Márk Vargha

Office and people manager, Master of Law, Former Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Human Capacities

Alejandro Duque

Education management expert
and consultant, communication coach, published author,
Prior experience from the Americas, Europe and Africa

Csaba Juhász

B2B Sales Expert
General manager at Capstone Invest, Former wholesale expert at Vodafone, Coca Cola HBC
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