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Our experts use Agile and Design Thinking globally to boost innovation and build effective organizations

Remote services

Customer centric sales workshop for a global pharma company

1-on-1 coaching for individual development

Company-wide quarterly planning online

Webinar on mental health for individual and team support

Action learning and team coaching for the leadership at large corporations


Agile Transformation support at OTP Bank

Open Innovation Workshop – Introducing Enterprise Agile

Agile Transformation support

at Magyar Telekom (Deutche Telekom's Hungarian branch)

Leadership workshop for designing a target agile organization

Introducing Agile way of working at MxNet

TEDx speech on transformation

Product/service innovation

Business model innovation and new product concept definition at a leading global manufacturing company

Mentoring startups at Brain Marathon 4 Health

Day 1 experience redesign

Agile marketing at a telecommunications company

Digital product offering design

Global Service Design Jam

Retail product development with agile methodology 

Design sprint: defining an ideal „I buy” journey & MVP for a B2C sales tool

Innovation capability building

Agile Trainings at OTP Bank

Soft skills workshop @ KPMG’ employer branding day

Agile Innovative Leaders Academy

Dutch - Hungarian Innovation speech event

Open Innovation Workshop – Introducing Enterprise Agile

Agile skills: Empathy training at a global investment management company

International Innovation Bootcamp

Systematic creativity, design thinking and train the trainer workshop @ Audi Academy

Design Thinking training & mentoring at a Europe-wide innovation hackathon

EIT Innovation Day 2017


Hear from more clients

„The edUcate agile coaches did not face such a challenge for the first time, having taken more companies through the transformation. Expertise and competence prevailed when OTP Bank chose edUcate as a partner for its agile transformation program. Cooperating with edUcate is especially valuable to us, as it is clearly important to them to achieve tangible, sustainable and long-term impact. It can be a living example for every team striving to learn agile."

- Bence Kisfalvi, Director of Agile Transformation at OTP Bank

"During our Design Thinking training with edUcate, they provided us a great opportunity to think out of the box, look in the mirror and place ourselves in the candidates' role by revealing the key elements of Design Thinking. Focusing more on the needs and expectations of the candidates will definitely help us make a difference and stand out on the market.”

- Orsolya Kelemen, Talent Engagement Business Partner at DIAGEO Hungary

"In order to fuel changes within our business, we need people prepared to challenge convention, question the status quo and collaborate with like-minded individuals who don’t fear failure but see it as a necessary step toward making a mark on the world. We look for highly energetic people with initiative and drive. We want passionate, curious individuals who can think laterally and ask new questions. I believe that those requirements are in line with edUcate mission statement and we will be able to find talented people within our cooperation."
- Marcin Kurnik, Regional Employer Branding Lead for CEE at Microsoft

"We had a Design Thinking training with edUcate where a cross-functional team from HR participated. We went through the basics of this new problem-solving mindset, learned about useful use cases, both corporate and non-corporate, had several interactive tasks, watched videos to capture the main learnings. Then we had a concrete project to solve one of the challenges our HR faces today. What was unique for me is that we already involved the users' point of view during developing the solution.“

- Krisztina Felméry, Tata Consultancy Services

"Our business requires up-to-date knowledge from our colleagues, same what the whole business life requires from the people, even from fresh graduates. We, at BT, are not just requiring these skills, but educating them at  universities and secondary schools as well. We believe that the future of our children can be better with this company attitude. We see that edUcate has the same aims what we, at BT, therefore, we have to cooperate in these great initiatives."

- Zoltán Szabó, Managing Director at British Telecom, EMEA Region

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