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Recordings of our past sessions


Remote tooling

Inspiration for task management, visualisation, effective meetings in an online space

Language: Hungarian


Mental wellbeing on the team level

Identifying problems and solution alternatives to recurring themes arising during the shift to remote work

Language: Hungarian


Individual mental wellbeing

Open discussion around mental health questions on the individual level with guest expert Zsuzsa F. Várkonyi

Language: Hungarian

Tools and guides

Tooling and inspirational material for a better way of working

Remote work survival guide

Inspiration for preparing your schedule, collaboration and mindset on an individual and team level

Language: Hungarian

Hybrid and remote work structure

Inspiration for finding the optimal combination of office and remote work. Implementation opportunities, benefits and risks

Language: Hungarian

Remote Maturity Assessment

Is your organization ready to take advantage of hybrid or remote work and reduce risks?

Language: Hungarian

Our offerings

Details on our selected services and value propositions

Interview with our Founder

Learn more about what we do, how we think and what we see as current challenges from an interview with our founder Nőthig-Hegedüs Enikő on BaconsultTV startup news

Language: Hungarian

COVID support for leadership

How to sustain performance and organizational health in a crisis environment with scaled home office

Language: English, Hungarian

HumanAid - Coaching support

Leadership dilemmas and remedial solutions to support leaders and colleagues on the individual and team level

Language: Hungarian

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