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Coaching and mentoring

Helping you address problems arising from the changed ways of working, for mental well-being and performance

  • The success of organizational transformations is determined by individual behaviors particularly of those in key roles

  • We can address both individual and the team challenges, questions, concerns and blockages of our clients with customized services, by shedding light on their present situation from an outside perspective and enriching it with our own experiences

  • Mentoring and coaching are both almost as effective remotely as in-person, and our colleagues with 10+ years of experience in personal and online coaching are ready to facilitate efficient cooperation online as well

  • Additionally, follow-up mentoring can support participants to implement their learnings into their daily work



for individuals and groups

The mentor shares her own experencies and knowledge, and provides advice and tools to the mentee to solve his problemChange is faster than in coaching, but less deep.

Mentoring can be arranged individually or for groups as well, if issues of the group members are identical. Benefits of group mentoring include: experiences of participants accumulate, and an ”I’m not alone with this” feeling is cherished.



for individuals and groups

Coaching helps viewing the present situation from a different perspective, and helps the individual to make the most out of herself - uncovering limiting beliefs and thus framing the problem more productively.

The coach does not provide solutions, but facilitates the process of the coachee finding the solution herself, thus change will be deeper and more sustainable.


Action learning team coaching

  • This group coaching method helps address daily issues, concerns and blockages and the development of leadership skills

  • Participants can develop as individuals and as a team as well, and it also has a perspective- and culture-forming effect. Development happens through the use of the active knowledge of team members

  • It is useful for employees in each role of the organization, but only employees from the same level of the hierarchy can participate in a given working group


Individual coaching

  • Individual coaching processes, which can be built on team coaching / group supervision sessions, or can be launced independently as well

  • In the former case, deepening of uncovered topics from group sessions will take place with the help of a 1on1 coaching process 

  • During individual processes, there will be opportunity to work out topics that employees would not like to bring in to the group sessions


Group supervision for Agile Coaches

  • Serves as mental protection and skill development for those working in supporting roles

  • It is possible that our personal involvement and blindspots may prevent our work in a supporting role. The supervised will become capable to reflect on herself and understand her own way of working through the help of the supervisor

Meet The Team


Judit Ködöböcz

Over 10 years of experience as Project Manager and Scrum Master, with leadership, consulting and organizational development experience in multinational environments


ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited Gestalt Coach


Judit's main area of expertise is the development of leaders changing to agile way of working


Miklós Vargyas

Started as a software engineering mathematician, has been working as an Agile coach for 10 years​

During his years of practice, he recognized his notable ability to listen emphatically, pay attention to and understand others, which he makes use of during his practice of mentoring both groups and individuals.

Miklos currently works with leaders and Agile Coaches


Katalin Galambos

Started as a software engineering mathematician, worked as a change manager and organizational development practitioner, project manager (at Accenture), Rogers Mental hygiene therapist and coach

Katalin currently also holds courses in the topics of conflict management, assertive communication and coaching-oriented leadership

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