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Innovating a tech company without using tech: edUcate's Innovation Day at Loxon Solutions

Our team at edUcate is seeking more and more open-minded partners who welcome new forms of innovation and are ready to invest not only in high-tech software, but people as well.

This weekend, we held our Innovation Day with Loxon Solutions exactly with this mindset. The teams had to tackle the challenge of re-designing a Loxon-like company to attract young professionals. Finding young professionals is a major problem across different sectors, therefore, the solutions pitched by the teams at the end of the day were very insightful and hopefully practically implementable for Loxon's management.

After meeting the team, having a look around in the mind-blowingly fun office and grabbing some seriously needed coffee in the morning, participants immediately got a sense of how laid-back yet insightful their day is going to be.

So we kicked off with a workshop on Design Thinking, discussed the buzz around it and how more and more startups and large corporations apply the method. During the interactive part of the workshop, we examined how different tools of Design Thinking can be applied to a particular case and compared solution ideas.

Once everyone understood the major building blocks of Design Thinking, the teams found a quite corner in the Loxon office and started exploring the problem at hand. All teams interviewed Loxon HR professionals, also interviewed each other, as the team members were actually rather close to the target group they were trying to reach, whereas other more 'disruptive' teams went up to few Loxon employees working at their desk to gather more insights:)

In the following stages, the teams created personas and empathy maps relying on the great amount of information they gathered. Each team understood and personalized the most important principle of Design Thinking: truly understanding and having empathy towards your customer!

At the end of the day, the teams had to present their ideas to a board of juries consisting of a Loxon business analysts, a Loxon developer, a brand strategist, an angel investor and a management consultant.

The solution ideas were quite diverse and as we proceeded with the pitches, the braver the presentation styles got, as all of the teams were aiming for the final prize: a 15-session long Future Skill training with the Loxon Solutions team.

The first place went to team "The Flexibles": Ágnes Stefán, Bernadett Urbán, Nikolett Balogh and Renáta Radvánszki.

We also awarded aspecial prize for the best presentation to team "Agilators": Ágota Mike, Zsófia Várkonyi, Anirudh Bodkhe and Attila Hankó.

We closed the Innovation Day with a bottle of Loxon beer, hope you all enjoyed the event, learned how to apply Design Thinking in a real-life project, got to know Loxon Solutions and its team members and had a lot of fun!

Hope to see many of you at our next event! :)

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