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We create innovative products and build agile organizations

From driving the largest agile transformations of the CEE region, via mentoring and training individuals, to building digital products, we help clients work smarter and more passionately.

The future of telco

Discover options for strategic product offering extension to stay relevant in an ever commoditizing market


What's New?


Our product is a better version of your organization

our clients face

Typical inefficiencies we observe at organisations and projects:

  • Slow reactions to market or user needs

  • Product / service development is time-consuming or has no outcome

  • Our communication channels are overcomplicated, not transparent

  • There are conflicts between teams, company areas

  • Roles and responsibilities sometimes overlap, and sometimes a task is missed

  • Ownership mindset is lacking in many employees and leaders

  • Everything is “top priority”, we don’t have focus, we have way too many projects

  • Decision-making and other operational processes are too bureaucratic, overcomplicated

  • Employees feel overwhelmed, are frustrated and demotivated

  • There is no clear individual development journey

  • Due to covid, new business challenges or opportunities occure

  • Growth pressure requires new products, services, revenue streams

  • Customer experience below industry standards or customer expectations

  • Competitors bypass our service level


we provide 

  • Organizational and operational consulting (Structure design, process improvement, agile maturity assessment, change management, cultural transformation, portfolio management and strategic planning process optimization)

  • Scaled agility implementation (organisation design, implementation consulting, competence development, individual and team support)

  • Agile and employee-centric HR (agile competence assessment and role-selection, performance evaluation & feedback system, and career journey design)

  • Trainings for effective way of working (agile, design thinking, soft skill & remote work)

  • Agile coaching (operative daily support for effective teamwork)

  • Leadership development program (training, mentoring, coaching)

  • Facilitation (annual/quarterly strategy planning, product development concept design workshop)

  • Business model innovation (e.g., from product to service revenue)

  • Concept design and development to implement new products and services

  • Customer research to uncover key improvement opportunities


Our main service lines


Successful organisations are required to adapt and innovate at an increasingly accelerating pace. The ability to come up with new products (innovation) and bring them to market via rapid execution (agility) is no longer a differentiation factor in many industries, but a question of survival.

We aspire to build lasting capabilities in organizations with tailored solutions along the development journey. From all the available services listed above, a combination of the following have proved to serve this purpose most effectively.


We help you adapt to the remote economy

Making the best out of both online and office work, we help clients prepare for the challenges and turning the setup into an advantage

To best tailor solutions to your specific needs, we first conduct an elaborate assessment of your remote readiness in both soft and hard factors

Covid compatible products
Customer research and concept development

Assessing the right hybrid organisational setup considering your organisational goals, selecting teams or functions and matching them with fitting remote or hybrid ways of working

Organizational consulting
Developing remote
way of working

Supporting teams and individuals to adopt the required skills and attitudes with trainings, coaching and mentoring for lasting, well performing hybrid teams

Training and coaching
Developing efficient remote teams

Partners we work with


Agile Transformation

Scaled Agile transformation of the bank's retail unit incl. coaching, mentoring, trainings for 1000+ employees


Agile Transformation

Agile transformation of Deutsche Telekom's Hungarian subsidiary incl. coaching, mentoring and trainings for 1500+ employees


Agile Delivery Support

Improving the airline's digital product delivery incl. coaching, mentoring and trainings for 1500+ employees


Agile Transformation

Company-wide agile transformation in Hungary incl. coaching, mentoring and trainings


Lecturing & thought


Co-lecturing theoretical and practical classes around organisation design, design thinking and agile. Regular knowledge sharing with multiple faculties and leading experts.


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