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Remote productivity support

Building remote working capabilities to support you on the short and long term

We help organizations and teams who are suddenly forced to introduce a remote setup or have already practiced remote work but would like to improve their way of working.

Our experts help you adjust to the current challenges in order to work even more efficiently and systematically, via reinforcing a clear organizational vision and solidifying remote working culture by customized processes and solutions.


Think you are all set for a remote setup? You might want to look under the hood

  • Online communication can become a hurdle even for well established teams, because casual ways of communicating may lead to misunderstandings via chat or phone.

  • Regular alignment and synchronization are especially important when it concerns remote work, in order to avoid inefficient double work due to lack of information.

  • Online problem-solving meetings require more preparation to become truly effective, requiring the right goals, tools and roles to be set up.

With our free survey find out how effective a remote communication in your organization

Our service areas


Remote collaboration support and enablement

Selecting and implementing methodologies to support your remote or decentralised way of working via mentoring and virtual trainings

Providing support in the selection of tools that complement your working methodologies and processes via mentoring and trainings


  • Organising and facilitating large attendee count virtual meetings and events

  • Supporting online meetings, ceremonies and problem solving sessions

  • Facilitating virtual events

  • Supporting the flow of information within and across teams and units


Overall operational assessment and support

Running diagnostics (eg. via interviews, observation or value stream mapping) and tailoring the internal processes, taking into account the challenges of the new remote setup

Adapting product development processes based on current teams and product lines

Main focus areas:

  • Decision-making processes

  • Prioritisation

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Delegation levels

  • Task tracking

Free resources for inspiration


Remote communication assessment

A comprehensive survey to help you understand your team's effectiveness in remote communication

Language: Hungarian


Remote tooling webinar

Inspirational online webinar for task management, visualisation, effective meetings in an online space

Language: Hungarian

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 15.55.34.png

Remote work survival guide

A collection of tips and tricks for preparing your schedule, collaboration and mindset on an individual and team level

Language: Hungarian

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