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edUcate webinar  

Agile in insurance - why organizational agility is a critical enabler for the insurance industry

of the future

10/02/2021 (Wednesday) 5 PM-6PM

About the webinar

Why organizational agility is a critical enabler for the insurance of the future - this will be the main question of our upcoming webinar. The first half of the lecture is about how insurance sector is redesigning customer engagement model and operations. In the second part, guest speakers play the main role: Pedro de Sousa Avelino from NN Insurance Hungary speaks about how to close the gap between strategy and execution. Zoltán Kővári, International Business Director from Blackbelt Technology tells us how software development can catalyze business innovation, which brings rapid results and makes digital transformation an inspiring challenge for both IT and insurance sector.

Further topics we cover:

- how blurring industry boundaries create the new arenas for competition in financial services

- what strategic changes in the face of digital transformation are needed in insurance (e.g., companies need to rethink their customer engagement model, automate operations and leverage data)

- how insurance companies need to adjust their operating model to reflect those strategic shifts and value assure the delivery of top-level objectives  

- redesigning customer engagement and the organizational requirements for end-to-end thinking

- automating and digitizing operations and how to balance focus of change and run activities within your operation department



Pedro de Sousa Avelino

Chief Technology and

Operations Officer at NN Hungary

Pedro is the “Chief Technology and Operations Officer” of NN Insurance Hungary, and his passion is to empower organizations to challenge their status quo and see them reaping the benefits of having innovation at the core of their businesses.


Kővári Zoltán

Director, International Business
at Blackbelt Technology

Zoltan is responsible for the international expansion of Blackbelt Technology. His goal is to make software development such a new experience for our clients that catalyzes business innovation, brings results rapidly and makes their digital transformation an inspiring challenge for both IT and business.

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Cofounder, Enterprise agile and digital transformation expert at edUcate, former McKinsey, Columbia Business School MBA

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Organisational design and process improvement consultant, coach at edUcate, former MOL and Lufthansa Systems
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