Our services

Transform to agile

Agile affects every aspect of your company. Think in systems and consider the
 transformation end-to-end.

We are driving the largest agile transformations in the CEE region.

  • Organization design and change management

  • Agile trainings

  • Agile coaching on individual, team and organization level

  • Agile engineering

Build better products

The best companies go about building great products differently.​​

We support digital product development from need-finding to release. ​

  • Product concept and roadmap definition through design thinking, design sprints

  • Software solution delivery

Innovation should be practiced across the entire company.​

We held trainings and workshops for 3000+ people in 20+ organizations.
From new joiners to CEOs.​ 
Our trainings have an average of 9.2 evaluation (out of 10).

Build innovation capabilities

  • Innovation-related skill and mindset trainings

  • Servant leadership trainings and workshops

  • Action learning team coaching and supervision

  • MBA-inspired trainings

Measure and improve agile maturity

Measure the progress of agile transformation and define exact improvement steps with a comprehensive tool, applied already at large-scale agile corporations, with thousands of employees

  • Maturity aspect system tailored to the company-specific large-scale agile model

  • Covering all structural, human and technological aspects of "How to get from the Learning phase to a Being agile organization"?

  • Insights and tailored action plans on organization, tribe / release train and team levels

  • User-friendly query system

  • Visual dashboards to track progress and create tailored report

  • Available in English and Hungarian

If interested in working with us, please get in touch so we can better understand how we can serve you the best.
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