The low touch economy:

How to sustain performance and organizational health in a crisis environment with scaled home office? 


Challenges that most of our partners face now due to Covid-19

Business continuity in the time of lock-down?!

  • How can we sustain seamless operations?

  • How can we ensure progress of critical projects?

  • How can we adjust the strategic roadmap and the project portfolio in the changing circumstances?

  • How can we learn from and come back stronger after the crisis caused by the virus?

70% of business leaders feels that their companies are NOT READY FOR REMOTE WORK in such a grand scale

Remote work + efficiency?!

  • How to avoid losing efficiency due to switching to remote work?

  • How can I manage my teams when they operate remotely?

  • How can we still achieve our annual targets?

Supporting employees when they are not around?!

  • How can we support / coach large teams facing the challenges of distributed operations?

  • How can we decrease the feeling of uncertainty and fear amongst our employees about the future? (’Will I be needed in a prolonged crisis?’)

2/3 of employees FEAR LOSING THEIR JOBS 

What we can do for you

Crisis management & business continuity

In an extreme VUCA environment caused by Covid-19, companies need to adapt management and internal operations in a rapid manner.

Building on our agile and management consulting experience, we can help to set up an effective decision-making and response team system and design in co-creation the norms of the new way of working, incl. new management operations, decision-making, production overview, employee & customer engagement.

Productive remote work

Working remotely does not only mean that the we should be able to log in to our computer. Due to the changing working environment, new methodologies and tools are essential. 
During our project together, we comprehensively assess where the organization & teams are today regarding way of working and tooling, recommend smart digital tools, shape mindset & culture, and help teams adapt the necessary methodologies & skills via mentoring & training. 

Mental well-being - coaching

In times like this, when people are socially distant and we ave limited overview of what is going on with them really, paying special attention to individual and team-level challenges is especially important to maintain mental well-being of all team members and prevent issues of isolation, burn-out or work-life balance problems.

To solve these: We provide individual coaching series when we work on concrete personal dilemmas, challenges, difficulties; and team coaching, action learning and team supervision to solve systemic, team-level problems and develop leadership skills.

Online trainings

Acquiring new skills that help to adapt to new situations has never been more important than in today's world.
We redesigned our training portfolio both on the content and execution sides, in order to focus on you and your company's current needs, and to provide full learning experience in online format as well.

  • Productive, effective remote work

  • Innovation and product/service development in a rapidly changing environment

  • Agile mindset & competences

Working efficiently from home? Follow our blog for inspiration!

If interested in working with us, please get in touch so we can better understand how we can serve you the best.
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