We build innovation and agile capabilities

From driving the largest agile transformations

of the CEE region to supporting individuals

via mentoring, we help clients work

smarter and more passionately

Our webinar around mental health gives you inspiration how to navigate this changing environment

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Problems we solve

From top leadership to individual professionals, we support clients in a wide range of areas for effectiveness and efficiency. To maximise our impact we tailor our services to specific client needs, addressing problems in project sizes ranging from organisation-wide transformations to occasional individual support. Our expertise can best serve you to:


  • Improve organisational effectiveness

  • Diagnose improvement opportunities

  • Boost project efficiency

  • Improve mental wellbeing

  • Develop individuals and teams

  • Support change management

  • Build better products

Solutions we provide

Our team combines a mixture of expertise from management consultants to certified coaches, allowing us to partner with clients to solve problems as thought partners or build lasting capabilities with leased coaches.


  • Consulting

  • Implementation at scale

  • Training

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Facilitation

Our service lines


Successful organisations are required to adapt and innovate at an increasingly accelerating pace. The ability to come up with new products (innovation) and bring them to market via rapid execution (agility) is no longer a differentiation factor in many industries, but a question of survival.

We aspire to build lasting capabilities in organisations with tailored solutions along the development journey.


Organisation-wide agile transformation
Agile training


Innovation capability building
Agile coaching
Agile readiness & maturity assessment
New product and service building

Supporting the new economy

Making the best out of both online and office work


Preparing for the return to office with hybrid setup is seemingly the road most companies will take on the medium-long term. We help clients prepare for the challenges and turning the setup into and advantage.

Online trainings
Coaching and mentoring
Remote tooling and support
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