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Build innovation capabilities

Unlease growth potential with the right talent, skills, and mindset

We are driving the largest agile transformations of the CEE region

Our approach

We believe that innovation is too important to be left for a few only but rather should be practiced across the organization.

To help scale your in-house innovation competence and make it a predictable driver of future growth, we designed a cutting-edge capability building program with stunning learning experience.

We combined the methods of the world’s leading innovation consultancies and top MBAs, relying on our experience at both startups and corporations.


Partners we work with

"During our Design Thinking training with edUcate, they provided us a great opportunity to think out of the box, look in the mirror and place ourselves in the candidates' role by revealing the key elements of Design Thinking. Focusing more on the needs and expectations of the candidates will definitely help us make a difference and stand out on the market.”

- Orsolya Kelemen, Talent Engagement Business Partner at DIAGEO Hungary

“Thanks to the cooperation with edUcate we are able to expand our training offerings with customized, world-class trainings which contributes to gaining competitive advantages”

-János Babos, Partner, Managing director at

Process Solutions


Designed by Ivy League professors and top 10 MBA graduates

Miklos Sarvary

Columbia Business School,
Dean of Executive education at INSEAD, Professor at Harvard and Stanford business schools

"edUcate's curriculum and methodology are thoroughly designed to enable participants to become competitive even in a worldwide comparison"

What we believe

Innovation starts with people, not technology

Starting from the needs of the customers and not from the availability of technology is the core principle of human-centered design.

Money and magic need to happen at the same time

Innovation is successful only when you solve a customer need while keeping in mind the business goals

Innovation is a skill, not a talent

Innovation and creativity are skills that can be learned and improved. Not reserved for the talented few only.

Innovation can be predictable

While innovation happens in a very non-linear way, following the right approach, it doesn't have to be a black box. Insights can be gathered consequently, ideation can be systematic, outcome can be predictable.

Innovation cannot 

happen alone

Ideas of 1 plus 1 equals 11. A cross-functional, dedicated team, in an organization with a culture of collaboration and empowerment, with the right management support, can achieve great impact.

What we do

Soft skills


Design Thinking | Project |Incubation

In-house future capability building

Top talents

High-potential, pre-selected pool of talents completing our program

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