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Organization-wide agile transformation

Agile affects every aspect of your company. Think in systems and consider the transformation end-to-end.We are driving the largest agile transformations in the CEE region and can bring in our experience of 10+ prior large-scale agile transformations. 

We can help with:

  • Agile transformation strategy

  • Organization & process design

  • Implementation planning and driving the transformation office

  • Change management

  • Agile coach academy & mentoring

Agile training

Getting everyone at the company on the same platform before jumping into the midst of a transformation in inevitable. Hence, during our agile trainings, beyond the Scrum methodology basics, we cover the partner company's change story, specific large-scale model and pay special attention to the personal, human aspect of change by dedicate time to answer individual questions.

We usually recommend agile basics and role-specific trainings for leadership and all team members, but tailor them to team-specific needs and cases, with stunning learning experience brought to you by experienced agile coaches and trainers, and business leaders experienced in agile transformation.

Agile coaching

We know it from experience that your teams will be not ready to work in agile only by taking part in a couple of trainings. Instead, a lot of hands-on mentoring and coaching will be needed to get things going; to launch new agile teams, to boost effectiveness and productivity of the teams, to prepare Product Owners and the leadership for their roles, and to set up all processes and frameworks in the organization that are inevitable for agile operations in a corporation: e.g. clarification on new roles & responsibilities, performance evaluation system, career advancement logic, beyond budgeting system, OKRs and strategic overview. 

We have the largest agile coach team experienced in large-scale agile transformations in the CEE region.

Agile readiness & maturity assessment

Measure the progress of agile transformation and define concrete improvement steps with a comprehensive tool, applied already at large-scale agile corporations, with thousands of employees, continuously developed by edUcate agile experts.

  • Maturity aspect system tailored to the company-specific large-scale agile model

  • Covering all structural, human and technological aspects of "How to get from the Learning phase to "Being agile"?

  • Insights and tailored action plans on organization, tribe / release train and team levels

  • User-friendly query system

  • Visual dashboards to track progress and create tailored report

  • Available in English and Hungarian

If interested in working with us, please get in touch so we can better understand how we can serve you the best.
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